Common problems faced by iPhone users

iPhone is Apple products which are very expensive and many people fancy it. It is true that Apple products are very genuine and made of high-quality parts, but still, it makes the user encounter several issues. You can either go to the Apple Store or any reputed repairing shops like Repair Sharks for getting the best services.

Repair Sharks

  • Speaker problem: There are several iPhone users who have encountered that the speaker icon is graying out when they are making any phone calls. It has affected several iPhone users and the Apple company is aware of this problem.


  • No service: All the iPhone users have encountered that a certain kind of bug has made their phone go to no services. It mainly happens when the phone has been switched from the airplane mode.


  • Headphone jack: If you have purchased the headphone which basically relies on a lightning port that is present in the phone then you might face a problem and that is you can’t charge your phone when you are using the headphone.


  • Hissing sound: While using the iPhone you will find that a hissing sound is coming from the device’s backside. So whenever you are making the phone engage into any heavy lifting then it will create more hissing sound so it indicates that it is related with the processor.


  • Battery life: iPhone has always been questioned for its excessive battery draining issues. Though you cannot help your device from this situation, you can definitely lower the workload on your device for stopping the excessive battery drainage.


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